NY Early 1900's

New York city were suddenly abandoned. Empty cars flooded the streets, nature blended with the city, buildings stand in disrepair, and pets wandering about looking for their next meal.
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Anonymous said...

CHARLES! this is RANDY! where have you been? wow man I gotta tell you that your work is VERY impressive. ShoWcool

Desiree Cassidy said...

Your work is well.. I'm out of words actually. Its really very brilliant. I love the appeal in all your illustrations. Hope to see more soon!

Gavin said...

Hi Chao Lin,

These are amazing, it's hard to believe you just used Photoshop for them - it would take me decades to do the same thing! The colour the lighting is just so realistic but I like the look you've given it. I'm really, really impressed :)

Hope to see more!


bittnerart said...

Excellent work. I really like everything you have posted here.

Rafael said...

Amazing portfolio mate, keep it up!

jason hazelroth said...

really nice work. the lighthing is naturally stark looking.

jpforjohnpark said...

CHao, you have a huge range of work! really impressive style and design exploration. Thanks for stopping by, I will be back for more of your awesome work.


John Park

Parka said...

These are some pretty stunning work! You should post more!

By the way, I featured your blog here:

Chao Hui Lin said...

Thanks for all the comments and encouragements. been slacking away from art for awhile, but will sure to post some more if I do.

I apologize for posting up here after so long, thank you all for stopping by.