project Boundless (working title)

We're building a startup game company and this is our first original IP under development. We are working towards our first prototype demo level. We are all really excited about developing this concept to life. Click on the banner and check out the game. If you feel this is a project you'd like to participate in, we'd like to speak with you.


Forest Ruins

Background art for the forest level gameplay.


Landscape Speed Painting

These are done less than 30 minutes when I went out to catch a breath. Will put more up in this post.


Native Warrior

In Project Boundless, the native warriors are guardians of the ancient land of Reverie. They belong to the remaining civilization that possess the utility of a mysterious power passed down from their ancestral heritage. The power proves its might against the evil that lurks upon this planet. The natives reside in this land of shadows believing their connection to the powers is most optimal allowing them to sustain their ways of life.

Link to Project Boundless


Portable Game Background Concept

Two concept pieces I've done for the in-game screenshot for an eventual 3D finish. Project Boundless is a turn based strategy fantasy game on portable devices.

Link to Project Boundless


Mortis Rex

I worked on this piece awhile ago with the director, Peter Briggs, for the movie project Mortis Rex. Talk about a demanding director, I have met my match.


NY Early 1900's

New York city were suddenly abandoned. Empty cars flooded the streets, nature blended with the city, buildings stand in disrepair, and pets wandering about looking for their next meal.
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AncientLakeway.jpg picture by chaolinart
The hero travels through the vast deserted alien world seeking the origin that destroyed it eons ago. His mission is vital for he is to secure the future home of the entire human race. Arrived is this ancient temple by the lake located in the heart of a mirage. Will he find clues for his next destination, or will he find death lurking in the shadows.

Extra-Dimensional Encounter

HellEncounter.jpg Hell Encounter picture by chaolindesign
Humans seek to find alternative habitable environment light years away from earth. Upon landing on this earth like planet, formless creatures transformed from the extra-dimension and eliminate those who set foot upon this land.

Ancient Future

Humans set foot on this deserted alien planet and discover earthly remains that existed for tens of thousands of years. Due to the planet's large size, cities are isolated far away from each other, and those towering cities are connected by a network of mega super highways.

Foresaken Alien World

AncientWorldSketchThumb.jpg picture by chaolindesign
I had this idea of a hero traveling on this vast lonely deserted world. My attempt was to try to realize the world through its environments, characters, costumes, and architectures. Further developments are the early images in my portfolio.

OuterCityRuinThumb.jpg picture by chaolindesign
AncientCityStreetThumb.jpg picture by chaolindesign

Modernism Reborn


Autumn.jpg picture by chaolindesign