Foresaken Alien World

AncientWorldSketchThumb.jpg picture by chaolindesign
I had this idea of a hero traveling on this vast lonely deserted world. My attempt was to try to realize the world through its environments, characters, costumes, and architectures. Further developments are the early images in my portfolio.

OuterCityRuinThumb.jpg picture by chaolindesign
AncientCityStreetThumb.jpg picture by chaolindesign


Justin said...

This work is very cool. You're a smart designer, there is so much potential in this work it's insane. I'd love to see some more isolated concepts, say of particular props (like old jars/tables or something) that exist in these environments... developing the history of the culture etc.

I feel inspired! I'm gonna link you.

Mattias said...

great stuff!

Chao Hui Lin said...

Thank you. I'm humbled for your kind words.